兒童遊戲空間設計「設計案例」秋千勾起童趣玩心,台中49 坪趣味親子宅- 豐心設計

  不論是秋千擺蕩時的爽朗笑聲,抑或是靜心閱讀的書香時光,每個時刻都揉入了一家人緊密相連的互動情感。這是屋主委由 豐心設計 打理規劃的家宅,簡約白淨佐入木質語匯,映現恬雅舒適的家宅輪廓,刻意將電視牆隱藏起來,留下寬敞環境讓小孩玩耍嬉戲。


  Whether it is the hearty laughter when the swing is swinging, or the time of reading quietly, every moment is immersed in the close interaction of the family. This is a house planned and planned by Fengxin Design by the owner of the house. It is simple, white and clean with wooden vocabulary, reflecting the outline of the elegant and comfortable house. The TV wall is deliberately hidden, leaving a spacious environment for children to play and play.

  The hostess is well aware of the importance of exercise and cultivating children’s self-discipline, experiencing life, perceiving the details of life and communicating with family members warmly and intimately, which is conducive to the development of children in all aspects of growing up. Starting from the starting point of “home”, they accompany each other for a period of time. A rich journey.




  The design director Tu Huimin, who also has children, is well aware of the owner’s intentions. With the delicate mind of a mother, she sorts out the needs, and contains a smooth flow and open layout that is considerate to the size of the family, and builds a child-friendly and interesting place. mansion.

Q: What is the design principle and concept of this case?
In response to the owner’s wish that children stay away from 3C at home, it breaks the conventional convention that the TV wall is the main body of the living room, and uses the sliding door to hide the audio and video rendering, returning to the pure and uncluttered public realm, and returning it to the family’s daily life without being disturbed. The swing set up at the entrance is a playground for children when they return home. In the huge open space on the side, an indoor basketball hoop can also be set up. It is common to see happy pictures of dad playing together.



  Q: How to create a child-friendly home aesthetics?
Make full use of the trivial and odd places, and set up a snack cabinet on one side of the entrance, and display them upright in the form of concave + laminate. These rewarding snacks are a little encouragement for children. The dividing line of the cabinet between the living room and the dining table is carefully reduced in height. It is designed so that children can easily pick up objects, books and toys. The good habit of autonomy is naturally developed in the usual rhythm.


  台中市南屯區/ 新成屋/ 電梯大樓/ 室內49 坪/ 格局3 房2 廳2 衛/ 居住人數2 大2 小

  Basic case information
Nantun District, Taichung City / New Existing House / Elevator Building / Indoor 49 Ping / Layout 3 Bedrooms, 2 Halls, 2 Bathrooms / Number of Occupants 2 Large and 2 Small



  · 符合屋主重視生活體驗的教育理念

  · 結合用餐與辦公的開放式公共領域

  · 有秋千、擺放室內籃球架的的地方

  · 不要有外凸把手並設置零食櫃


  1. 玄關設計:


· In line with the homeowner’s educational philosophy of attaching importance to life experience
· Open public realm combining dining and office
· Places with swings and indoor basketball hoops
· Do not have protruding handles and set up snack cabinets

1. Entrance design:
ventilated perforated aluminum plate and white series plate as the first end view of the dust-falling area, suspended type The erection weakens the heavy feeling, and is painted with an elegant silver fox white. The lever on the other side not only stabilizes the structure, but also connects the gray stretched shoe chair.


  The ceiling at the junction of the entrance and the living room is specially dug holes to hang the swing ropes, making it a playground for children. At the same time, it can also be replaced with the rings for TRX core training, so that adults who stay at home due to the epidemic can move their bodies.

  2. 客廳設計:


  2. Living room design:
Turn around and look at the floor quietly. The bright polished quartz tile originally attached by the builder has been converted into a super wear-resistant wooden floor that exudes a warm feeling. It has a slightly dark brown background, and it has a stable heart. Powerful, wood-based lines smudged as a solid base in the public domain.


  The light and light wood-grain doors are cleverly concealed by the bus door hardware to open and close the TV. The hostess hopes to let the children avoid audio, sound and light as much as possible, and retain the flexibility and flexibility of the spacious area. The rows of drawer storage cabinets are also considered to be suitable for young children. The height is convenient for children to pick up and place toys and other items by themselves.


  3. 餐廳設計:


  Closely attached to the core axis of maintaining an unobstructed sense of sight, the sofa back wall is replaced by a low cabinet, which not only expands the storage energy, but also uses the long cabinet to divide the invisible field, forming a smooth moving line with clear logic.

3. Restaurant design:
Incorporating a multi-functional composite concept, this area is both a restaurant and a place for the male host to work. It is settled with a custom-made rectangular table, and the special “folding corner” can easily distinguish the difference between meal and official business, and children are eating You can also do art work here.


  The original plain white wall is covered with textured wallpaper, and the calm tan series contains a stable and restrained atmosphere. The whole book wall decorates the vertical dimension of the home, and the integrated empty cabinet and drawer function meet the owner’s rich book collection and exhibition value. Memorial little things.

  4. 廚房設計:


  4. Kitchen Design:
The bar connection formed by veneer + protective paint is pushed out to the dining area, thereby shortening the distance between the two sides. The ㄇ-shaped kitchen utensils route arranges electrical cabinets and refrigerator cabinets, and also considers the location of trash cans and garbage bags in advance. Set up for the owner to use.

  5. 主臥設計:


  5. Master bedroom design:
Step into the sleeping area, seeking a simple and elegant neo-classical style. Benjamin Moore paint is painted in a light blue tone, which is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The soft and elegant rhyme is planted with a quiet atmosphere. Tranquil sleep and sleep with sweet dreams.


  The system cabinet, which is meticulously measured and carefully allocated to the storage area, is a good helper for the owner to store clothes. With the splendid sunlight flowing in with the spliced two-color curtains, there is an elegant wall lamp at the head of the bed, which glows with metallic luster.


  On the other side, a light-colored wooden veneer frame is used to form the couch area. Before going to bed, parents and children can talk and read together, creating an intimate space shared by the whole family. The strong parent-child relationship is filled with the sound of reading and laughter. The top is inlaid with long LED lights to supplement the light source.

  6. 兒童房設計:


  6. Children’s room design:
In this case, two children’s rooms are planned, which are just a small world for a pair of children. The method of paint is used to express the soft atmosphere of girls and the free and unrestrained atmosphere of boys. At the same time, elements such as arcs and curves are added to activate the visual senses. , adding liveliness and dynamism.


  7. 收納配置:


7. Storage configuration:
Simultaneously consider the convenience of use for adults and children, try to replace the long-top cabinet with a low-profile cabinet, and remove the raised door handle from the cabinet or door to avoid scratches. Use the entrance to connect the transition area of the kitchen, cleverly set up an upright open snack cabinet, and push the secret door to set up a storage room to store bicycles or appliances that are not used temporarily.

  8. 動線規劃:


  8. Circulation planning:
The public realm with unobstructed sight line, the guest restaurant is flexibly connected from the porch, and the bar counter is extrapolated to the ingenuity of the dining area, adding close interaction and emotion to the close-knit family.

  9. 燈光設計:



  10. 建材挑選:

  沖孔鋁板、鐵件、繃布、木作、進口壁紙、仿石紋系統板材、石紋薄磚、系統櫃、乳膠漆、超耐磨木地板、木皮、線板、壁燈、烤漆、LED 長條燈、班傑明摩爾漆


  11. 色彩計畫:


  9. Lighting design:
There is no so-called main light in the whole room, but the dimming lights are evenly distributed, and the brightness of white light or yellow light can be adjusted according to the needs by using the function of adjustable color temperature.

10. Selection of building materials:
Perforated aluminum plate, iron parts, stretch cloth, woodwork, imported wallpaper, imitation stone pattern system plate, stone pattern thin brick, system cabinet, latex paint, super wear-resistant wood floor, veneer, line board, wall lamp, baking paint, LED long Strip lamp, Benjamin Moore paint

11. Color plan:
simple and low-chromatic brushstrokes are used as the base, wood grain and silver fox white are printed with a finishing touch in the elegant mood, and the book wall is dark brown with a hint of warm orange. Brown is used as the lining, echoing the warm feeling of the wooden floor. In the private area, the bedroom is replaced with blue tones, milk tea apricot and light orange from latex paint.


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